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My site exists mainly to keep a record of the cars, bikes etc. that periodically clutter up the garage, but I’ve also included a little bit about my family and motorcycle endurance racing, which I was lucky enough to work in for some years. Please feel free to poke around the headings at the left.

I do try to update the pages when I can. You can email me via Or find me on Facebook...

The background here is my typical working environment!


Latest updates:

08/06/23 - Many updates, Tuono, Scimitar, Jensen C-V8 (Gone!), Yamaha FJR, Trans Am...

14/05/21 - Updates to Tuono page (crashed it!) and a few others

20/11/20 - New webpage setup! (and various updates)

18/11/20 - Updates to Trans Am and Tigerishka pages

9/5/20—Updates to Tuono, Trans Am, MT10 pages..

2/9/18—Updates to Tuono, Trans Am, MT10 pages..

21/5/18—Updates to Tuono, Trans Am, MT10 pages..

14/1/18—New bike! Added Aprilia Tuono Factory page!

27/10/17—Updates to MT10 page

27/10/17—Updates to Trans Am, MT10, Blackbird pages...

24/4/17—Updates to Trans Am, MT10, Blackbird pages...

2/3/17—Trans Am and other pages added...

22/11/16—Trans Am updates...

5/11/16—Blackbird routine maintenance...

1/11/16—Trans Am and Garage updates

22/9/16—Updates to Trans Am pages

5/9/16—Updates to Trans Am pages

1/8/16—Updates to Trans Am and Blackbird pages

19/7/16—Updates to Trans Am pages

22/6/16—Updates to Trans Am & FJR1300 pages

27/3/16—The Joy of X (X11) is DEAD! Crashed… :(  Plus Trans Am page update